About Us

Pearl Professional Massage Ltd opened in New Zealand in 2015 yet we have been offering professional massage service in our locations in other countries since 2008. We are the in-house massage company for more than 80 hotels abroad. In Auckland, we have a branch in the North Shore, where we accept appointments on booking.

Our main business is mobile massage, which includes office massage, event massage (chair massage), couples massage and massage in homes and hotels. Please go to our mobile massage service and office massage page for more details.

Our goal is to give everybody the chance to experience a quality massage for a reasonable price.

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Whether it’s a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating treatment, it is the people’s holistic health and massage therapy done by Professionals. Meet our team…

I was born in Italy 25 years ago in a big family on the island of Sardinia and came to New Zealand 2 years ago. I have a passion for massage and enjoy making people feel better. I started massaging 7 years ago in Italy. Due to travelling I stopped for a few years and picked it up my passion again since I arrived in New Zealand. My specialties are Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.
I am Atanasha from the Philipppines. I am 20 years old and lived with my family on the South Island on a farm. My mother is a professional massage therapist for many years and she taught me how to massage. Here in Auckland I decided to follow in my mothers footsteps, because I love to massage people and give them a good relaxing experience. My specialty massage is Swedish Massage.